2" x 4" | Single 120-VOLT Supply | Solar Warning Signs
2" x 4" | Single 120-VOLT Supply | Solar Warning Signs
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Warning single 120-VOLT supply. Do not connect multi-wire branch circuits

2" x 4" - Solar Warning Signs

* NEC 690.10(C) The inverter output of a standalone solar photovoltaic system shall be permitted to supply 120 volts to a single-phase, 3-wire, 120/240-volt service equipment or distribution panels where there are no multi-wire branch circuits. In all installations, the rating of the overcurrent device connected to the output of the inverter shall be less than the rating of the neutral bus in the service equipment. This equipment shall be marked with the following words or equivalent

  • .040 Aluminum
  • UV LED Inkjet Printed
  • Double sided adhesive tape for easy mounting

*NEC code reference is for information only. Refer to the NEC 2011 guide for complete descriptions.

OK for exposure to: Direct Sunlight, Rain, Snow, Ice, Fog and Salt Air.
Temperature Rating: for use between -40°F to 176°F

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