Warning! Electric Shock Hazard - If ground fault is indicted all normally grounded conductors may be ungrounded and energized

3" x 4" - Aluminum Warning Sign

Per NEC 690.5(C) Place on inverter or near GFI reset.

*NEC 690.5(C) A warning label shall appear on the utility-interactive inverter or be applied by the installer near the ground-fault indicator at a visible location stating the following:

  • .040 Aluminum
  • UV LED Inkjet Printed
  • Double sided adhesive tape for easy mounting

*When the photovoltaic system also has batteries in a visible location at the batteries.

*NEC code reference is for information only. Refer to the NEC 2011 guide for complete descriptions.

OK for exposure to: Direct Sunlight, Rain, Snow, Ice, Fog and Salt Air.
Temperature Rating: for use between -40°F to 176°F