Warning! Electric Shock Hazard - Terminals on both the line and load sides may be energized in the open position

2" x 4" - Aluminum Warning Sign

*NEC 705.12(D)(2)(3)(C) The sum of the ampere ratings of all overcurrent devices on panel boards, both load and supply devices, excluding the rating of the overcurrent device protecting the busbar, shall not exceed the ampacity of the busbar. The rating of the overcurrent device protecting the busbar shall not exceed the rating of the busbar. Permanent warning labels shall be applied to distribution equipment that displays the following or equivalent wording:

  • .040 Aluminum
  • UV LED Inkjet Printed
  • Double sided adhesive tape for easy mounting

*Exception: A connector shall be permitted to be used as an ac or a dc disconnecting means, provided that it complies with the requirements of 690.33 and is listed and identified for the use.

*NEC code reference is for information only. Refer to the NEC 2011 guide for complete descriptions.

OK for exposure to: Direct Sunlight, Rain, Snow, Ice, Fog and Salt Air.
Temperature Rating: for use between -40°F to 176°F