Warning inverter output connection. Do not relocate this overcurrent device

1" x 2" - Solar Warning Placards

*Place next to breaker in Main Service Panel

Per NEC 705.12(7) Place at point of connection.

* NEC 705.12(7) Inverter Output Connection. Unless the panel board is rated not less than the sum of the ampere ratings of all overcurrent devices supplying it, a connection in a panel board shall be positioned at the opposite (load) end from the input feeder location or main circuit location. The bus or conductor rating shall be sized for the loads connected in accordance with Article 220. In systems with panel boards connected in series, the rating of the first overcurrent device directly connected to the output of a utility-interactive inverter(s) shall be used in the calculations for all bus bars and conductors. A Permanent warning label shall be applied to the distribution equipment with the following or equivalent wording:

*NEC code reference is for information only. Refer to the NEC 2011 guide for complete descriptions.

OK for exposure to: Direct Sunlight, Rain, Snow, Ice, Fog and Salt Air.
Temperature Rating: for use between -40°F to 176°F