Warning Electric Shock Hazard. Terminals on both the line and load sides may be energized in the open position. DC voltage is always present when solar modules are exposed to sunlight. 

3" x 4" - Solar Warning Placards

Per NEC 690.17(4)Place on DC Disconnect.

*NEC 690.17(4) Having an interrupting rating sufficient for the nominal circuit voltage and the current that is available at the line terminals of the equipment. Where all terminals of the disconnecting means may be energized in the open position, a warning sigh shall be mounted on or adjacent to the disconnecting means. The sign shall be clearly legible and have the following works or equivalent:

Exception: A connector shall be permitted to be used as an ac or a dc disconnecting means, provided that it complies with the requirements of 690.33 and is listed and identified for the use.

*NEC code reference is for information only. Refer to the NEC 2011 guide for complete descriptions.